Mirzapur (Dewandighi), Katwa Rd. Purba Bardhaman-713102 W.B.



  1. Withdrawals from any class must be preceded by month’s notice in writing or a month’s fee in lieu of notice. If the child withdraws in mid terms, 3 months fees is to be deposited from the month of application.
  2. All dues have to be cleared before a Transfer Certificate is issued.
  3. Transfer Certificate will be issued after one week of receipt of application.
  4. School authority may ask without prior notice to the parents, to withdraw the child from the school on any of the following


  1. Academic :

    Constant neglect of students or those who fail in the same class for two consecutive sessions.
  2. Disciplinary :

    Those students whose conduct in the interests of the principal is harmful to the interests of the school
  3. Infirmity or Any Behavioral Disorder :

    If behavioural disorder is confirmed by medical practitioner.