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Boarding: Second Home

Sending a child to a boarding school is one of the hardest decisions for parents to make. After all, who else can understand and care for them like parents do? The worries are natural, but once parents visit our school and experience the unique environment that it is as protective and attentive as home and, at the same time, gives children space to grow, parents will know that they have made the right choice.We believe every child possesses special intelligence, which he/she exhibits in either academics or sports or co-curricular activities. Every child in the school boarding is given additional help in academics under the supervision of a teacher.Apart from teachers, BMS has the guidance of trained special counsellors to help students in personal, academic and career guidance. TheBoarding House is supervised by experienced residential faculty and staff. They counsel students on real life issues, besides their academic concerns. The professional counselors and other resident faculty members and staff complete the pastoral team.

The time spent by a student at BMS is not just the collecting of memories for a lifetime, but also a genuine cycle of physical, mental, social and spiritual progression.