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Teachers are facilitators of learning, providing students with the information and tools they need to master a subject. At times, teachers act like tutors, working with small groups of students or individual students within the classroom or after class. Teachers also play the role of evaluators, constantly assessing students' abilities through formal and informal assessments, providing suggestions for improvement and assigning grades. Perhaps the most important roles teachers fill involve interacting with students. Teachers must be leaders in the classroom and in the school, earning the respect of students and setting a positive example. We, at Burdwan Model School, put our best to condition the faculties to act as facilitators bringing out the best from every child.

On the otherway, family especially parents of a child are the major source of socialization of the child since the child spends the initial years among his or her parents and family therefore parents are the major source of learning for a child. BMS encourages regular parent-teacher interactions because it is only when both ways we will give the same effort, we can bring up a child and nurture him throughout. If only the school and the parents preach the same lessons then only we can gift the child a happy and safe journey.