Mirzapur (Dewandighi), Katwa Rd. Purba Bardhaman-713102 W.B.



    • To endow the students with a pollution free and eco-friendly environment by its location, concentrating on their proper development of intellectual abilities;
    • To motivate the staff to their special duties of ensuring the all-round development of children;
    • To administer the students with the help of the most advanced and innovative methodologies to strengthen their endeavours to learn more and more with ease and comfort;
    • To pioneer the innovative methodologies of learning to make the students well informed and successful as global citizens and at the same time strongly rooted to their origin and culture;
    • To make the students aware of their everlasting link with the rich and composite cultural heritage;
    • To nurture a never say die nature among the students enriching their keen sense of competition and cooperation;
    • To devise a mechanism of feedback from the parents and fellow teaching community to formulate future pedagogic strategies;
    • To preserve, enrich and transmit our socio cultural heritage among the students;
    • To make the students a part of social change and social progress;
    • To socialize the students keeping in mind the modern concept of education that it is a means of socialization through liberalization.