Mirzapur (Dewandighi), Katwa Rd. Purba Bardhaman-713102 W.B.



Shree Achintya Kumar Mondal


(Burdwan Model School)

Burdwan Model School had always been the dream project of Oriental Association for Education and Research, which has been transformed into reality on 14th April, 2003 with all determination and persistence. We are extremely proud and delighted that BMS has endured with all its strength and finally grown up into a youth of 15 years, with the never ending vision of man making. The seed of an idea sown in the year 2003 has so quickly come to fruition; it seems as if it was just yesterday that we started of the journey. It is the endeavour of the whole BMS family to shape BMS into what it is today, with all their sincerity and determination. This is just the beginning, and an endless future is waiting ahead to produce generations, therefore let the Almighty give us all strength to persevere to keep up the expectations and look forward. We not only work to develop a child just academically but to motivate them express their creative pursuits which ultimately develops in them originality of thought and perception. The main phenomena works towards administering and giving shape to the wonderful thoughts and imagination of the children, encouraging and nurturing their sense of innovation by motivating their inventive pursuits.

I extend my deep gratitude to the Society members, the School Managing Committee, the Principal, the Faculty, and Non-teaching Members, the Guardians and my foremost love and blessings for every student of BMS, for continuing to make this journey extremely special with each passing day, on the road of excellence.

Shree Bipin Bihari Singh


(Burdwan Model School)

Warm Greetings to All

Burdwan Model School being the Brainchild of Oriental Association for Education and Research is here to help a child accomplish his / her vision in life, to take the challenge of being the best how much best you can be’. Education in reality must be an effort to bring out the optimum potential from a child, giving shape to a dream to witness the real. We at Burdwan Model School allow our children to dream high and nourish them to grow their innate intellect that would make them reach great heights. Being affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary education, we are open to a broad spectrum of developing the creative skills along with the academics. This is in keeping with the Strong moto of CBSE is to reduce stress on students and evaluate them in and all rounded way through the effort of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). The procedure of bringing out theunmanifested features of a child to its manifestation is a continuous and gradual process and therefore our aim is to make learning fun-field, enjoyable and contemporary in today’s context keeping in mind our rich Indian values and culture. As I move on this journey, I make sure that the prerequisites towards providing and assuring the best must be well-defined. The Faculty, especially at BMS is extremely well motivated to put their best and most importantly we constantly believe in innovation to find out that the best should reach the children.

I strongly believe that a child’s journey at BMS will be extremely cherishable in the process of building his/her character, building belief in himself/herself, leadership, personality development and above all being rooted to his/her culture and ethics.

Best wishes,


Shree Bipin Bihari Singh